You Are Not Alone

Five years ago I developed an online friendship with a woman I’ve yet to meet in person.

This woman was a fellow blogger. She reached out to her readers for help in making Christmas magic happen for the children in her local mental health care hospital. Her outreach has since then  grown from under 30 kids in her small Ohio community to hundreds and hundreds of children in Ohio. Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Be a Mirror – Tag You’re It!

I believe…

In a relationship ˜in any relationship˜ we become each other’s mirrors. We reflect what we see. We attract what we are.

I also believe this has 2 sides: a positive and a negative side.

If what we see in ourselves is mainly our own negative crap, we’ll attract those who mirror this negative crap. Does the expression calling the kettle black ring a bell? Continue reading Be a Mirror – Tag You’re It!

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…