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Once a race car mechanic and roller derby chick now a simple beach bum. This quirky writer and digital sherpa dreams of running away with the circus and has been writing about her vida loca since 2010 on my cyber house rules.

Growth: If Caterpillars Thought Like Humans

Imagine a conversation between caterpillars. Because, this is a natural thing to do right? Give insects a human brain and see where they go with it?

Now let’s say, for making it easy for myself, the caterpillars are called Bob and Joe. Otherwise I’ll have to type Caterpillar 1 and Caterpillar 2 over and over. Bob and Joe is easy to relate to, and it helps make them – the caterpillars – more human.

Joe: Welcome to Caterpillaville Bob!
Bob: Thanks Joe!
Joe: Here you’ll find that we have lot’s of trees.
Bob: What are trees, Joe?
Joe: Remember yesterday that green thing you ate that you told me you wished you could eat all the time non stop?
Bob: Yeah-yeah-yeah, I loved that thing, man that was the best thing ever!
Joe: Trees are what produce those things which are called leaves.
Bob: I fucking LOVE trees!
Joe: Exactly. And you’ll risk your life for trees.
Bob: No fucking way. Not that much. There’s enough here for me.
Joe: Tomorrow, all of us will be crossing this flat hard grey thing called a street.
Bob: Ok, whatever.
Joe: Across this thing called a street is Leaftopia with the most trees you’ll ever see in your life.
Bob: Sign me up Buttercup! I’m in!
Joe: But to get across this thing called a street you may get flattened out by these speeding machines that travel as fast as rocket ships, but they’re on wheels. And we, being caterpillars, travel at the speed of a rock.
Bob: Flattened out? As in die? Fuck you. I’m out.
Joe: Oh you’ll follow. You have no choice, it’s what we do. We all follow.
Bob: And then what?
Joe: If you make it across the thing called a street, then you have access to all the leaves in the world and get to eat them non-stop! It’s heaven!
Bob: Awesome. Ok, so I change my mind – I’m in. And then what?
Joe: And then you’ll start making this white oozy stuff.
Bob: Gross.
Joe: You’ll cover yourself with this white oozy stuff.
Bob: Even more gross.
Joe: And then you’ll feel like you’ve died. You won’t be able to move, see anything, breathe, you’ll be totally covered in a cocoon.
Bob: Like an Egyptian? No thanks. I’ll keep eating leaves.
Joe: We’ll have eaten them all! But you want to do this white oozy stuff, besides you won’t have a choice.
Bob: I’m afraid of being alone, I’m claustrophobic, I need to move and eat leaves!
Joe: Remember yesterday that thing we saw fluttering in the sky?
Bob: Yeah – that was so cool, it looked beautiful and free, what was that thing?
Joe: It’s called a butterfly. And it’s what you’ll become after you crawl out of that white oozy stuff.
Bob: Fuck you!
Joe: I’m telling you the truth! You’ll become a butterfly!
Bob: Total bullshit. You’re just saying that to get me away from the leaves to make more for you. I’m not buying it. Besides, I’ll probably get flattened by those speeding rockets on wheels trying to get across that thing called a street.
Joe: But it’s worth a try isn’t it?
Bob: Not sure. I’m scared.

This is how I feel when I tell people about the Landmark Forum. There’s nothing I would love more than if everybody in my life took part in this process – or some other personal growth and transformation process.


More Naval Gazing

From a pneumonia I shifted into the unsettling dizzies with a bit of vertigo. And by a bit, I mean a lot. It’s as though I’m on a boat. All the time. Wavering. Trembling. Spinning.

Of course after 2 weeks of dizzies I asked Dr Google if it was something even commonly associated to a pneumonia. Dr Google had no answer to my query. I love how I can instantly know if my search is a thing by the suggested popular string of words. It’s like an autofill quest. Just for fun, type in “why is my hair” in a Google search box. Yeah, that’s right. 50% of the population has thinning hair, while the other 50% has either dry or broken hair. Continue reading More Naval Gazing

Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue

This entire story makes me so sad.

I have two wonderful friends who roam the streets of Tijuana in search for hurt and abused dogs. When they “rescue” a pup, they get it looked at by a vet and place it in foster while waiting for a permanent home.

I use the term “rescue” loosely. So do they. They’re like the Robin Hoods of mistreated dogs, and have saved many canine lives. Improved many as well. Continue reading Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue