Being Bold. Being Free. Being Happy.

2016 so far has been quite the year. It kicked off solid with a pneumonia. Then a 3-month stint with vertigo reminded me of my own limiting humanity… But things got better. Thanks for Landmark, things actually started to soar.

And then I got laid off. Kind of. For a minute at least. I’ll spare you the details. The important part is the outcome. We, the employees, launched our own marketing agency. We discovered we had wings, and we used them.

So I started to soar again. Not that I ever really stopped. Let’s say I took a hiatus.

In June I started a self-expression and leadership program. Before my course ended — with three weeks to go — I got enrolled as a coach for their next program. Talk about being bold.

Thanks to this I learned a few words:

  1. Unleashed
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Unmessable-with

I salivated at these new terms thinking I’d finally found what I wanted to be when I grew up.

In the spirit of becoming who I felt I needed to be to fully live my life, and love every second of it, I came up with the idea of a project: The Boldness Challenge. The idea behind the project is to invite people to take 1 bold action per day for 66 days. According to mad scientists, it apparently takes 66 days to create a new habit. I always thought it was 21, but if I’m to launch a boldness challenge, I may as well go bold, or go home. Sixty six days became my target.

And then I had two thoughts: one was to make it be a countdown to New Years. What a killer way to make room for 2017. New Year’s resolutions? Who needs them! Bucket lists? No time to build a list when we’re out there living to the max!

OK, my second thought was by far the most brilliant one: share this project with my good friend Leanne who herself had enrolled me in working with her on the “Oprah Winfrey – Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Experience.” Leanne played a key role in delivering an entire series of program after program. She is a master strategist and manager. I wasn’t even done telling her about the project that she dove right in.

We made one rule be our guiding light in the delivery of this project: it has to be fun. The minute the fun goes away (hint-hint: no big egos to deal with) then we either pull the plug or re-align ourselves to keep the fun alive.

While Leanne agreed to be our content strategist, she didn’t want the full weight of the content to fall upon her. We decided we needed someone to help us get the right words right. In comes the magical and beautiful Marie whom I’d met in Mexico. Marie is an author and editor. She also has a background in social work so she gets the humanity of things.

That, in a nutshell, is what I’ve been up to.

Oh and oopsie daisy, how could I forget the clown thing!?! *slaps hand on forehead* Yeah. The clown thing. Not the thugs-in-costume clown thing, but the improv-kind-to-make-you-laugh-and-feel-sweet-emotions clown thing. Yeah, that’s right. That thing. I returned to that thing. And not only have I returned to that thing, but I also took the stage for that thing. Wearing a red nose. My old red nose from my earlier training. Yeah.

Everything is good in the hood.

And got even better when love happened!

And now I dare you, double dare you, triple dog dare you to click on the image below and join us in the boldness revolution!

wave: boldness challenge




Growth: If Caterpillars Thought Like Humans

Imagine a conversation between caterpillars. Because, this is a natural thing to do right? Give insects a human brain and see where they go with it?

Now let’s say, for making it easy for myself, the caterpillars are called Bob and Joe. Otherwise I’ll have to type Caterpillar 1 and Caterpillar 2 over and over. Bob and Joe is easy to relate to, and it helps make them – the caterpillars – more human. Continue reading Growth: If Caterpillars Thought Like Humans

More Naval Gazing

From a pneumonia I shifted into the unsettling dizzies with a bit of vertigo. And by a bit, I mean a lot. It’s as though I’m on a boat. All the time. Wavering. Trembling. Spinning.

Of course after 2 weeks of dizzies I asked Dr Google if it was something even commonly associated to a pneumonia. Dr Google had no answer to my query. I love how I can instantly know if my search is a thing by the suggested popular string of words. It’s like an autofill quest. Just for fun, type in “why is my hair” in a Google search box. Yeah, that’s right. 50% of the population has thinning hair, while the other 50% has either dry or broken hair. Continue reading More Naval Gazing

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…