Plenty of Fish – Part 3

Meet Date Man #2

Him: “Hi, I’m Randy.”
Me: “Is that your name or your frame of mind?”
Him: “Both.”

I knew we were off to a good start. He was tall, really tall, like over 6′ tall! After 12 years with a man measuring 5’9″ and weighing in, at his most, at 145 pounds, I thought the total contrast would be cool. Such as stepping-on-my-tippy-toes-to-kiss-a-man type of cool. It was cool, and different. Continue reading Plenty of Fish – Part 3

Merry and Bright

May you be true to yourself above all else. Be true to yourself. Be the best of what you can be. Imagine the best person, and start carving yourself into that person. Pick away at the traits, your traits, keep the keepers, and set aside the throwaways.

Stop being a hoarder on bad traits. If you honestly don’t like something about yourself, then just stop doing it. Stop being it. You don’t have to keep carrying that luggage simply because it’s what or who you’ve always been. Continue reading Merry and Bright

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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