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Marie Nicole is an ex-race car mechanic who now lives and travels on a boat with her best friend Leo. This quirky writer and designer dreams of running away with the circus and has been writing about her vida loca since 2010 on my cyber house rules.

Coming Together Again

1:  to tend or move toward one point or one another :  come together :  meet <converging paths>
2:  to come together and unite in a common interest or focus
3:  to approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit <the series converges>
I actually had to look the word up, not sure what part of the word I didn’t instantly grasp. The coming together part most likely is what I struggled with. Takes one to be falling apart to know how to come together. Slowly piece by piece I am figuring stuff out.
For some reason this picture above was my initial thought. And then I read the definition. And laughed at myself.
Using the GoPro’s fish eye lens, makes it pretty easy to create the illusion that everything is converging to one central point.
The ramp, the docks, all come to that one mysterious pole.
Although I’ve been selfishly concerned about my bits and pieces, I need to remember the destruction I’ve left behind. I will always love him…
wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is converge.

Grief is Brought to You by the Letter Ugh

If any word deserves to be considered a 4-letter word, it’s grief. It leaves a bitter taste, comes in waves upon waves in which there are no rules to its flows and sets. You can’t count and time grief’s waves as a surfer knows when the next big one is coming. They hit you without warning, and do not care for proper timing. Continue reading Grief is Brought to You by the Letter Ugh