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Marie Nicole is an ex-race car mechanic who now plays roller derby with the San Diego Derby Dolls. This quirky writer and designer dreams of running away with the circus and has been writing about her vida loca since 2010 on my cyber house rules.

Take the Challenge


Twenty six days ago (wait, I have to count) yup, confirmed, 26 days ago I decided to accept the challenge forcing me to seek out what makes me happy.

What the hell am I talking about? It’s the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I’ve agreed to focus on what makes me happy, look for it, and take a moment when it strikes, snap it with my camera (aka my phone) for 100 consecutive days, and then share it on social media with the hashtag #100HappyDays. Boom.

Easy right? Would you believe that over 70% of the people who sign up for the challenge quit before reaching their goal? Their reason: not enough time.

If you don’t have time to be happy, you may as well just give up now. Go. Leave the planet. Or make the time for it. Is there anything more important that that?

Do you know our brains are hardwired to learn through shitty life lessons? It’s a defense mechanism. Put your hand inside a toaster, feel the burn, and I bet you’ll never try that again!

Rick Hanson – author of Buddha’s Mind recently wrote “Hardwiring Happiness.” It’s on my to-read list. In this book he basically says you can re-wire your brain to learn from happiness that way your focus is on the joyful memories.

This challenge does just that: it pushes you (or me in this instance) to search and focus on what makes you (read “me”) on the happy stuff. The more you seek it, the more you find it. And the more you find it, the more you feel it. Before you (again, me) realize it, it’s (the happiness) takes over you (ahem, me).

I’ve been anchoring this process with 2 other actions:

  1. a scientific method of calculating your inner joy (my score went from 57 to 85 in the first quarter).
  2. Tranceform: not yet released sleep app that blends calming music with positive mantras such “My joy is in the journey.” I’ve been asked to join the focus group to test out the app. It works.

Everything works. All this stuff I’ve been doing: the challenge andits mindfulness moments, the testing, the sleeping with mantras has had wonderful results on me.

Is this for everyone?

I firmly believe every individual was born for one reason and one reason alone: joy.

And love. Ok, so there are more reasons to live. Joy and love. And passion. I also firmly believe that every individual has the right to joy, love and passion.

And chocolate. With bacon. Make that dark chocolate with sea salt. The bacon is on the side. With maple syrup. But that’s it.

And dogs. I can’t forget about puppies. They bring instant joy in a cup.


Getting Lucky

Why I love working at Sage Tree Solutions

The job is custom fit to size.

I joined the team and the team immediately allowed me to make the job my own. I was initially hired as administrative assistant/office manager. Let’s face it, I’m not an administrator. And when our talks to move our office to another location showed no signs of fruition, I suggested we move to Co-Merge. Continue reading Getting Lucky

750 Words a Day?

What was I thinking? I stumbled upon this site (, it emails you daily to remind you of your promise to yourself to spit out 750 words each and every day. Of the year. Of your life. It’s a commitment!

Right now I struggle with commitments. I floss daily. There’s a commitment I can commit to! Do you know psychiatrists and lawyers use that as a question to evaluate the mental sanity of all potential sociopaths?

That last question is entirely false, but I would believe it if it were true. Continue reading 750 Words a Day?