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Surf MitaMarie is the poster child of those who live life to the fullest. She followed her heart, and ran away from a world filled with events, carnivals and festivals. After a 5-year stint as a race car mechanic and living on the road 10 months per year, she woke up one morning without a job when her team lost its key sponsorship.

She moved to San Diego, started bruising her body on the roller derby track for a year, and then she made an even bolder move.

Mi CasaShe stuffed everything she owned into a small trailer, parked it in a friend’s compound, and sailed to Mexico with Leo – her best friend. Lucky that she is, he also doubles up as her husband.

Although she loves the mix of traveling and writing – she wants nothing more than to return to a life of full-time work. She’s looking forward to missing her traveling days.


She has been blogging since 2003, but created my cyber house rules in May of 2010. She is currently writing her first novel. This blog is where she tones her writing skills and tries different styles, voices and topics.

She considers herself a Jackie-of-all-trades to such a point she bought the domain for the title. Find out more about her via her online resume and professional portfolio.


When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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