There’ s something surreal about dreams. Dreams make you feel as though you’re running in molasses, and yelling in jell-o. They’re more about a state of mind, or an emotion, than an actual real fact-based action. Our wake-up state gives our dreams much more sense and clarity than they have. To me, dreams are all about our brains having fun flying within. Continue reading Dreamy


Everyday, as I ride my bike to work, I ride by this sign. Everyday, as I ride my bike to work, I want to stop and take a picture of this sign. I like to invent creative things this sign could say. It’s a sign for boats, obviously, since it’s facing the harbor, not the land. But maybe it’s not for boats, maybe it’s for ducks and pelicans. Or maybe not. Continue reading Signs

Nighttime: Le Pays Cathare

I was lucky enough to find work with a French winery for the annual vendanges. I was even luckier to land on a smaller artisan family owned winery in the South of France near the border of Spain. I made and drank some of the best wine for 5 weeks.

During this time, I’d often hike up the hill to sit in this ruined chateau, and look over the valley. And I’d daydream about how life once was… Continue reading Nighttime: Le Pays Cathare

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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