A New Leaf

I’m turning it. The new leaf. Whether I continue to date again in a near future or not, I’m not sharing the stories here. It’s not fair to these men. It would be different if I blogged anonymously, but I don’t.

With this recent break-up, I had no intention of making him look like a bad guy. Although I really appreciate the love and the support I got, it just wasn’t fair to him. I never expected the comments to be so harsh. Again, I appreciate the love and support, but he wasn’t a villain. At all. It takes two to make a relationship work, and it takes two to make it not work.

That and I’m sure he hates that I wrote about him, and shared our story. For that I apologize to him and all the other fish out there.

I don’t know how other bloggers do it, how they share so many details of their dating lives, and even go deep into their sexual adventures! I admire their bravado and open honesty, but truth be told, it’s not for me.

I am glad I started writing again, and I need to write more. I may even re-write my book (Unique: Story of a Girl) and do a complete re-write in 1st person. The timing seems right.

I’m Drowning and I’m Surrounded by Fish!

When I first started this little journey into sharing my POF adventures, I was feeling excited and optimistic that I’d actually found someone that fit!

I was venturing into telling you about the first men I met, and why they were wrong for me. I haven’t even told you about Mr. Number 3 who as we said our goodbyes hugged me by keeping a fair lower body distance as if he were hugging an old aunt with bladder issues and insisted “I’d love to see you again!” after looking so bored during our entire walk-and-talk on the beach. Phew that was a long sentence, but it’s ok, Number 3 didn’t deserve his own blog post. Continue reading I’m Drowning and I’m Surrounded by Fish!

Plenty of Fish – Part 3

Meet Date Man #2

Him: “Hi, I’m Randy.”
Me: “Is that your name or your frame of mind?”
Him: “Both.”

I knew we were off to a good start. He was tall, really tall, like over 6′ tall! After 12 years with a man measuring 5’9″ and weighing in, at his most, at 145 pounds, I thought the total contrast would be cool. Such as stepping-on-my-tippy-toes-to-kiss-a-man type of cool. It was cool, and different. Continue reading Plenty of Fish – Part 3

Plenty of Fish – Part 2

I met 4 different men from this online world of gobbles of men-at-a-click.


Meet Man #1: The Crash-Stalker

Via our online messages on POF he asks me for my phone number “So I can call you and set-up a place to meet,” he writes. I’m in my car, the motor is running, we’re meeting shortly. I don’t want to leave my downtown parking lot before I find out where we’re meeting, rather than start heading out the wrong way. This parking lot is known for random druggies hanging out at night. Not that I equal druggies to vandals, rapists and killers but… It’s dark in a seedy part of town. Continue reading Plenty of Fish – Part 2

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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