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Support The Indie Chicks – Put an End to Body Shaming.

I use public showers regularly. It’s my way of life, I really don’t have a choice.

The more I shower at the marina, the more I encounter women who hide in their shower stall to change.

Just this morning, the woman in the shower next to me preferred wrapping herself in the disgusting shower curtain to grab her clothes  to change, than to expose herself. Trust me, our shower curtains are nasty. I want to scrub my hands with antibacterial wash every time I touch one of them! And this is not the first time a woman wraps this thing around her naked body. [insert grossed-out face] That’s how far some will go to remain hidden, and unseen. Does this come from a sense of shame?

When I was in Jr High, I had my first encounter with having to change in front of other girls. Yes, I’d been at public pools but we always just happily rode our bikes home with our suits under our shorts. It wasn’t until Jr High gym class where I had no other choice than to change in front of my classmates. Only a certain few hid in the limited stalls to change in private. The “it” girls walked around with nothing but their bras and panties teasing each other. I wanted to fit in. I was nervous about my cherries in my bra, when most other girls were fully developed as I was a late bloomer… They actually taught me to be comfortable in my skin by putting me at ease and telling me I had a cute bra.

I was lucky they didn’t tease me for my body’s differences. Lucky to not have been ridiculed and laughed at for not being up to par. Not all women are so lucky, many are put to shame for being different. Put to shame to such an extent, they never take pride in their bodies. And they hide in shame.

Being comfortable in one’s own skin is not given to every woman.

I’m not saying to start stripping and doing the pole dance every time you walk by a stop sign, although that kind of stuff needs to be shared with me because I think it would be something awesome to see. Women need to be confident about their bodies, about themselves. To be confident, we need to feel beautiful, no matter our flaws, and because of our flaws…

The Indie Chicks is not only a great website, it’s also a fantastic publication with now its second edition to hit the shelves. The content is all about celebrating women for who they are, as they are, and to shine in their ultimate badassery. Although we all know how superior The Indie Chicks is to other women’s magazines, they may not stay on the shelves. They’re struggling, and they need your help.

Please visit their IndieGogo campaign, and let the world know you are an indie chick/dick at heart. And then look in a mirror, and tell yourself “I love you.”

the sun will always rise

Shit to Look Forward To

Because there will always be…

  1. The smell of fresh cut grass;
  2. The sounds of kids playing in a park;
  3. The excitement of an unexpected postcard in the mail;
  4. Freshly popped popcorn;
  5. A book that keeps you up late at night;
  6. Laughter with friends;
  7. A phone call to make your belly smile;
  8. Two-for-one sales;
  9. Girl Scout Cookies;
  10. A sunrise;
  11. A challenge you will meet, and surpass…

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Silhouette: Sunrise vs Sunset

Can you tell just by looking at an image if it’s a sunrise or a sunset? Do you need to see the setting to know, and judge by the activity, or can you just sense it by the color?

I wonder. Personally I know I much prefer to witness a sunrise than a sunset. Maybe it’s because I’m a glass half-full kind of person, and a sunrise screams new beginnings. Continue reading

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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