Plenty of Fish

The dating pool is full. Some men in the dating pool are also full. Of themselves. Snark.

I started dating. Ugh. Don’t ask me why, but I felt compelled to create an online profile! That was the most overwhelming thing I’ve ever done. OK, maybe not the most. But it was up there. And seeing *his* face again and again on that first night made me wonder what the heck was I doing!

Was it too soon?  Does creating a profile on an online dating site signify that I’ve given up on trying to find the one? What does it mean? And when I think of my lifestyle, I really have to wonder – how can I meet someone? I work. And I play roller derby. My work has me surrounded by web developers, and do I really want to date someone I’ve met through work?

The thought alone makes me shudder, just as I never dated anyone from my school I don’t think I want to date someone from work. And the time spent at roller derby, well we all know who that puts me in contact with – not dating material. And it’s the same thing as work – do I want to date someone who’s involved with my league?

No. I don’t.

Do I want to hit the bars and drag a barfly back home? Oh no. That I don’t want to do.

So… I went online. Within 24 hours of creating my profile I was getting hounded by over two dozen men. Maybe more? Some even offered to send me sexy pictures of themselves “just to see if they would fit.” I reviewed and made serious changes to my profile. Somehow telling the world I wasn’t immediately interested in anything serious translated into “send me dick pics please.”

That brings out the ultimate question: what am I looking for?

The Plenty of Fish experience so far has been… interesting. I’ve met four different men. Had I said yes to every offer, I’d still be meeting and trying to fit them in my calendar! My profile has been in hiding for two weeks now. I just can’t deal with this stuff.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as of yet has been: with a phone number one can find every single last detail about you in under 20 minutes!

Merry and Bright

May you be true to yourself above all else. Be true to yourself. Be the best of what you can be. Imagine the best person, and start carving yourself into that person. Pick away at the traits, your traits, keep the keepers, and set aside the throwaways.

Stop being a hoarder on bad traits. If you honestly don’t like something about yourself, then just stop doing it. Stop being it. You don’t have to keep carrying that luggage simply because it’s what or who you’ve always been. Continue reading Merry and Bright

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…


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